Gifts for newborns

July 10, 2010

Babies, babies and bumps everywhere I look.  Is it just me or are we having a baby boom?  My friends certainly are baby booming so I’m constantly looking for unusual ‘newbee’ gifts that aren’t going to break the bank but still have the wow factor.

These are a few of my favourites for under £20:

I recently gifted these to a new mum and it was love at first sight.  These little cashmere booties come in a range of oh so lovely colours making it hard to choose just one.  But at just £9.50 a pair you don’t have to.  Go to and get yourself a pair or two!

Anne-Clare Petit, the super duper dutch designer creates bright and beautiful crochet toys.  There are loads to choose from but I love these old fashioned looking rattles. They’re available in a few different colours and sell online for around £10 at amazon.

I bumped into a friend with a newbie and bent down to admire the little bundle when I spotted this pram chain. No prizes for guessing what I ended up admiring! Available in many different shapes and colours, they’re great ‘on board entertainment’.  They cost between £14 – £17 and amazon sells them.

Sweet, innocent, pure.  Just like a newborn baby, these are the words I think of when I look at these dummy holders.  My personal favourite is the bird but there are 3 others including this star, to choose from.  They’re available from the online spanish store for 15 euros and come with free delivery.

Mobiles are meant for babies or so I thought until I wanted one (yes me – thirty something mother of one!).  I felt better when I realised that Flensted mobiles were for all ages and I can see why.  It’s a great gift for a ‘newbee’ and something that can then become part of the room decor for the toddler.  This ones called ‘elephant party’ but there are many more.  They’re made by a family business in a small Danish island and are available at amazon or you can try who sell a few different ones.  They cost between £10 and £20.

As you get to know us better, you might accuse us of being partial to elephants.  You’d be absolutely right!  Love them.  But that’s not the only reason this elephant’s featured here… it’s a soft toy and a rattle in one, it look so happy and it’s perfect for ‘newbee’ boy or girl.  It comes from the online store for a tenner.

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