Pretty Pru

August 18, 2010

books for toddlers pretty pruI recently came across this book by Polly Dunbar and loved it so much I bought, it even though ebabee no. 1’s a bit young.  It’s one in a series of ‘Tilly and Friends’ stories but I haven’t yet bought the others.  This ones about a handbag thief on the loose and Pretty Pru’s the victim.  The handbag of course contains make-up, after all which lady wouldn’t have make-up in her bag? Pretty Pru’s no exception! The illustrations are superb and compliment the text very well.  The best bit though, is this book manages to be happy and cheerful without any annoying over – sentimentality.  This is definitely up there in my list of gifts for older toddlers.  The hardcover one costs £6.39 with free delivery.

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One Response to “Pretty Pru”

  1. MayBee Says:

    Looks gorgeous. Reminds me of The Odd Egg by Emily Gravet (?) which my one year old boy is obsessed with. Although both he and his sister have a handbag obsession at the mo (everywhere we go, various bags have to come too) so handbag thief will probably appeal to both!
    We love reviewing books at parentshaped too
    MayBee 🙂

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