Food, glorious food!

September 1, 2010

Play food that is.  The talented folks at Ikea have got some super-duper cloth play food in their new collection.  And as always with Ikea, you get style and design without the price tag.  Have a look at the Ikea Duktig range which has a 14 piece vegetable set, a 9 piece fruit basket set and a 15 piece breakfast set all for £5.99 each.  They’re bright and beautiful, include details like cutting boards and fruit baskets and can even be machine washed.  They’re only available in-store at the moment so you’ll need to hot-foot it down there.

"ikea duktig fruit basket""ikea duktig breakfast set"Checkout ebabee, the little auction site with big bargains and small fees.


4 Responses to “Food, glorious food!”

  1. Geeky Mummy Says:

    That is a really cool idea especially as it goes in the washing machine. Sadly we don’t live anywhere near an IKEA.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Over from BMB returning the comments 😀
    Loving these! Luckily, we don’t live far from an Ikea, so I think I’ll be popping down to have a look at these, they are fab! Hannah x

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