Online doors that just keep opening

September 9, 2010

The online shopping god has answered my prayers!  It’s really one after another at the moment.  Gap first launched it’s online store a few weeks ago.  Hot on their heels was Zara on 2nd September and 16th September will see H&M open it’s online doors.  Delivery costs are very reasonable with Zara charging £3.95 (unlike the huge delivery costs at Zara Home) and Gap charging £4.  Gap are currently offering free delivery for orders over £50.  The sofa has never been a better place to shop from.  The result: ebabee no.1’s autumn wardrobe is growing by the day (not to mention her mothers!).

"Gap Online Shopping""Zara kids online shopping"

"H&M online store"Don’t forget to checkout ebabee, the little auction site where I’ve spotted some gently used Zara, H&M and Gap baby stuff.

2 Responses to “Online doors that just keep opening”

  1. Hannah Says:

    It’s music to my ears hearing that H&M are going online! There’s no need to go out again!! lol x

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