Just pants!

September 22, 2010

Yes its true, I’m actually excited about pants, nappy pants.  These are so funky and funny… I’m laughing out loud!  Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Twisted Twee.  Everything in this world is twisted, hilarious and oh so much fun.  I’m loving it!

"nappy pants twisted tee""cool nappy pants""nappy pants"

"cool nappy pants""brown nappy pants""cotton nappy pants"

Royal pants, political pants, retro pants, take your pick.  They cost between £10 and £15 with £3 for delivery.  There’s other twisted stuff on there too… go have a look, at Twisted Twee, you’re guaranteed to be hysterical with laughter.  I can’t stop smiling…

3 Responses to “Just pants!”

  1. Diney Says:

    I love those!! Shame I no longer have a child young enough (well, it’s just as well as she is 11!!) but they are gorgeous and such fun!

  2. […] couple of weeks ago I blogged about some hilariously twisted nappy pants by Twisted Twee.  Suzi Warren the maker saw the post and sent me a pair ‘to adorn my […]

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