My mustachioed viking

September 23, 2010

Vikings.  Not something I think about but today I’m going a bit viking ga-ga.  I’ve spotted these stylish melamine dinner plates that are the creation of Sandra Monat, a German lady big on contemporary style with a historical twist.  I’m loving the illustrations of the vikings, they’re so cool, so contemporary, so cheerful.  I’m especially keen on the black mustachioed one sheltering himself from the rain… how amazing is he?

"melamine plate for kids""kids viking plate""children dinner plate"

The square plate is smaller costing £11.50 while the larger round ones (including my mustachioed friend!) cost £13.50 with delivery from £3.50.  Will a dash of viking adventure mean more greens are chomped?  No but I’m still vanting!

2 Responses to “My mustachioed viking”

  1. SOorganised Says:

    They are lovely, I love plates to make an impact at parties great for conversationalists!

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