Giddy Giddy

September 30, 2010

"hair clips for babies"When I spotted these baby and toddler hair clips, I found myself dancing around, feeling giddy with desire!   Each clip is hand-crafted out of super soft felt, making it perfect to grip even the finest, tiniest baby hair.  They’re made across the pond by Giddy Giddy but are available here and there’s plenty of choice too.  I’m hearting the bold floral designs without any tweeness. They cost £4.50 each and come in 2 sizes – little girl size and big girl size.  Since choking’s a serious hazzard with teeny-tiny ones, I would adorn older toddlers with these (less chance of being bald too!).

Checkout our auction site where you can buy and sell baby items galore!

2 Responses to “Giddy Giddy”

  1. teri Says:

    thank you so very much for your review! i so appreciate it.
    your blog is a great resource and i am bookmarking it for future viewing. thank you again sooo very very much!

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