Delicious baby kimonos

October 11, 2010

"Lucky wang baby kimono top"

Baby and toddler kimono tops in the most delicious oriental prints.  What could be more wantable?  They’re made by Lucky Wang of NYC and they’re available here through Nubie, a cool & contemporary kids store.  They come as one pieces for the littlest babies or you can get a kimono top for a toddler.  All the kimonos are 100% cotton and all the prints are 100% stunning.  The baby kimono tops cost £22.50 while the toddler ones cost £24 with delivery at £4.95.  The sizes are from 3 months on and they’ll be delivered to your door in a sushi presentation box.  How fab!

Don’t forget to check out ebabee, the baby auction place.

2 Responses to “Delicious baby kimonos”

  1. Carl Shaw Says:

    I assume, by wearing these, babies and toddlers display a greater respect to parents. Bowing gracefully at all times and sleeping through the night!

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