Meet Mr and Mrs Mao

October 15, 2010

"cutr toddler food bowl"Quirky, crazy, over the top design but so much fun!  Mr & Mrs Mao are little rice bowls from the near-bizarre world of Octopus.  Ebabee no.1’s got a Mrs Mao and adores the hat-lid.  The joyful anticipation on her face, not knowing whats in there, often turns to disgust when stems of steamed broccoli appear.  Randomly, we picked ours up in India of all places.  Mr & Mrs Mao kiddy bowls cost £8.50 plus £4.95 delivery.  The sites  slow to load but crammed full of stuff for anyone who fancies a bit of quirk!

P.S. Checkout Mrs Mao’s electric blue eyeshadow!

Don’t forget to have a look at our baby auction site, ebabee.

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