"FlexiBath Folding Baby Bath"

A baby bath that folds for easy storage but yet sturdy, free of nasties like PVC, BPA, phthalates, compact, and scores high in the looks department too.  Yup, that’s the clever FlexiBath by A Real Cool World.

I got sent one and was muchos impressed.  For starters, the design obsessed cells in my brain started somersaulting in excitement.  The colours are explosive.  Hot pinks, peacock blues and lime greens are on offer.  Then we filled it and got the guest of honour in.  Ebabee no.1’s a toddler teetering on the brink of 2 years.  She fitted in comfortably, long legs and all.  We even had room for a few ducks, after all what’s a bath without ducks for company?  The FlexiBath peeps say it goes from 0 to 4 years.  My take: probably comfortably till about 2-2.5 years depending on the size of the bambino.

After we had washed and cleaned and played plenty, the bath was easy to drain and super-easy to fold away.  No pushing, tugging, sitting on top of required.  Simply fold it, close the clasp and stash it away.  If your bathroom’s cosy (otherwise called small) then this is just the ticket and perfect from day dot.  I only have a shower in mine, so I still use a baby bath.  The old ones found it’s way to the tip and the shiny new award winning FlexiBath sits proudly folded out of view!

The FlexiBath costs £20 plus £3.49 delivery.  And it measures approximately 66 x 39 cms and is 24 cms deep.

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A hot bath

October 4, 2010

"newborn bath tubs"

Baby baths just got hot.  These are so uber-cool you’ll probably want to keep them on display.  They’re shaped in the style of tummy tubs and measure 41cms high.  They come with a double wall which keeps the water warm for longer and you can choose from fuchsia, lime or aqua.  I love’m all!  The Hoppop Bano costs from £24.26 with free delivery and is made for newborns.  And when the bambino graduates to a bigger bath, the bano will make a cool and handy toy storage drum.

Have a look at ebabee where you can buy and sell baby items galore!

Thats pretty near what I felt when I spotted this Boon Baby grass drying rack for £13.99 earlier today.  It’s so stylish and perfect for baby bottles, dummies and glasses.  It’s a 2 piece rack with the water collecting tray and the flexible blades of grass for air drying.  And it’s free from all the nasties like BpA, Phthalate and PVC.

I continued to search wondering if I would find something more to be thankful for. And sure enough Boon didn’t disappoint.  I stumbled across Scrubble and Splat.  Scrubble is an interchangeable bath toy set costing £8.99 and Splat is a floating bath ring toss game for £6.99.  Both are suitable from 9 months, free of nasties and are extremely wantable.

If you do give in to the temptation that is Boon, leave a comment and let us know what you think.  And rest assured, I’ll be bringing you more from Boon in the near future.