"Stella McCartney Kids"

Yes it’s true, I’m so joy-filled, I don’t know what to do!  My excitement has reached Himalayan heights!  All because Stella McCartney Kids has launched today.  The collections’ not huge in terms of number of pieces but boy, is it huge in terms of style.

All the pieces have been christened with (kiddy) names like Bella, Lee, Petra and Cosmo.  For the girlies I’m going ga-ga for the Georgia Cardigan.  It’s the silk satin and cashmere combo that’s got my attention.  The Bella dress in flame is another hottie.  I can just picture it worn with super-bright tights and boots.  For the boys, the Felix jumper’s pretty darn cool as are the Pedro jeans, especially in the turquoise.  And lets not forget the babies.  They’ve got their share of lovelies with the ash jumpsuit and the redwood Seb all in one.  Although I have to admit, the under 2’s range is pretty limited and there aren’t any accessories for any age.  Stella, we want more!

The last piece that’s a must mention for boy or girl is the Lee Military jacket.  Uber-cool with the red sleeve detail.  When Stella previously collaborated with Gap, her military jacket was snapped up by none other than Mrs Sarkozy.  Yes, THE Carla Bruni wore it.  How she fitted in to a kids size, well that’s a whole other post.  Hmm… wonder who’ll squeeze in to this one?  Prices start from £14 and go up to just over £100 and sizes go from 0 to 12 years.  Delivery’s £7 and I’m thrilled to report to my Stateside readers that Stella McCartney Kids ships to you too.


Just spotted: baby jodhpurs

October 29, 2010

"baby jodhpurs"The ebabee likes blog has moved. Our new blog has many more articles and ideas on cool, unusual, funky stuff for under 5’s.

I went to the shops this morning.  It was mostly uneventful, boring even, until the moment I spotted these uber-stylish baby Jodhpurs.  Exactly like a pair of Jodhpurs but a shrunken version.  How cool is that?  Just picture your  2 year old strutting around in these.  Add a pair of boots and you’re going to have the hippest baby on the block!  They’re from Zara in sizes  3-36 months and they cost £9.99 plus £3.95 delivery.  And if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that Zara now sell online.

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Just Pants! Part ‘deux’

October 22, 2010

"Nappy pants"


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about some hilariously twisted nappy pants by Twisted Twee.  Suzi Warren the maker saw the post and sent me a pair ‘to adorn my toddlers bottom’.  Shortly after, some tudor red Henry VIII pants arrived in the post.  Disappointed I was not.  The fabrics super soft, the printing’s top-notch and ebabee no.1 loves wearing them above clothes, under clothes, on her head, it matters not just so long as they’re on.  Suzi – Thank you lots for adding a bit of twisted hilarity to the ebabee household and some unusual memories to our photo albums!

Go and check out Twisted Twee and laugh out loud!

Razor sharp military style

October 13, 2010

"military jackets for toddlers"
It’s getting chilly outside which can only mean one thing.  Winters coming and I’m thinking coats.   Off I went looking for kiddee ones and found some super hot military jackets.  The clean lines, the tailored fit, the chunky metal buttons together make a look so snazzy, you’re going to end up with the sharpest kid on the block.  The bluey-grey boys jacket is from New Look and costs £17.99 plus £3.95 for delivery while the military green cape for the girls is from Zara and costs £39.99 plus £3.95 delivery too.  They’re both available for 2 year olds and over and are guaranteed to add a dash of ‘hot’ couture to the bambinos winter wardrobe.

Have a look-see at ebabee, the auction site for babies and toddlers.

Delicious baby kimonos

October 11, 2010

"Lucky wang baby kimono top"

Baby and toddler kimono tops in the most delicious oriental prints.  What could be more wantable?  They’re made by Lucky Wang of NYC and they’re available here through Nubie, a cool & contemporary kids store.  They come as one pieces for the littlest babies or you can get a kimono top for a toddler.  All the kimonos are 100% cotton and all the prints are 100% stunning.  The baby kimono tops cost £22.50 while the toddler ones cost £24 with delivery at £4.95.  The sizes are from 3 months on and they’ll be delivered to your door in a sushi presentation box.  How fab!

Don’t forget to check out ebabee, the baby auction place.

Bunny bodies

October 7, 2010

"baby grows pack"

Baby grows or onesies, whatever you call them you’ll need many from the newbee days to toddling days.  For those who know me, you’ll know I’m not a blue for boy, pink for girl type of mama.  And plain white or cream, well that’s just dull.  I mean we’re after style here.  If you’re the same and weeping at the thought of another trip down the pink or blue aisle, or worse the cream aisle, cry no more.  Have a look at these baby grows from Vertbaudet.  They come as a pack of 7 and each one’s got a different bunny graphic made out of shapes like stars and dots… simple but stylish.  The colours include yellow, red, plum and more.  The set of 7 baby grows costs £23 with delivery at £3.99 and comes in sizes from preemie to 18mnths.  Style without the fat price tag… nice!

Checkout our little auction site where you can buy and sell baby items galore!

"soft baby shoes"


Oh so, so beautiful are these baby shoes, I wanna cry!  The explosive colours… hot fuchsias, aquamarine blues, sunshine yellows, lipstick reds… all made out of soft wool felt for babies under 9 months.  They’re sold on Etsy, the shop’s called LaLa Shoes and they cost from $36 plus $6 for shipping.  Give these baby shoes as a gift if you can bear to part with them, or put them on your baby and swoon away!

"soft pram shoes"