Newbee eye-candy

September 27, 2010

"baby flash cards"Been on the hunt for a newbee gift as a friend’s about to deliver.   So off I went surfing and clicking and voila!  I stumbled across Wee Gallery and fell in love.  Their black & white animal cards are quite the eye-candy for newbees.  They’re printed from hand-painted originals, come as a set of 6 cards and you can choose from sea, jungle, farm, garden animals and more.  Each set costs a tenner plus £4.50 delivery.  There’s also an original collection which is a combo of  different animals.  They come in a nice presentation box and the cards have rounded corners so they’re baby friendly.  A hot present that’s cool too.

"black and white flash cards""baby black & white cards"

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September 4, 2010

"toddler backpack bag dabbawalla""kids backpack dabbawalla""dabbawalla backpacks""kids lunch bag"

These colourful little backpacks by dabbawalla* are just the ticket for pre-schoolers.  They measure 12 inches long x 11 inches wide and can be used to carry around all manner of stuff… lunch, toys, clothes, books.  I’m hearting them all but if I had to pick a fave, well it’s just got to be the elephant one.  They’re made of a material that I can’t spell (so i won’t try) but I do know that it’s exactly the same material as wetsuits.  Which thankfully means that you can stick them in the washing machine.  They’re available for £29.99 from funkythistle who don’t yet have online ordering, but you can ring, email and even fax them (how 1990’s, how sweet!).

*dabbawalla – the indian term for lunchbox (dabba) + man (walla)

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Made for hugs

September 2, 2010

That’s what these dolls are made for, so say Sophie & Lili, their creators.  I’m not the worlds biggest doll fan but when I saw these I instantly became one.  They’re super cute, handmade, one of a kind dolls from America.  They come in blonde, brunette or red-head and I’m so loving the back of each doll which is covered in a different funky fabric to complement the dolls dress.  You can even have your name sewn on to the back, just let them know the name when you order.

"doll soft toy""soft toy doll"

"soft toy dolls"

These dollies are available from the Sophie & Lili website and cost $25 each plus $5 for shipping across the pond.  They’re perfect as cuddly, huggable toys for toddlers and would make an oh so sweet and girly gift.  They’re also available as minis and I’m thinking perfect pram buddy for a newbee.

Wee See

August 31, 2010

Being a fan of graphic art I got a bit over-excited when I came across Wee See.  They make DVD’s crammed with bold, graphic black and white images for babies.  The moving graphics accompanied by original playful music make for mesmerising viewing.  Their site allows you a peek at their DVD’s and it’s a pretty generous peek too.  The DVD’s cost $22 plus $10 for shipping to the UK.  Hearing the music, even daddee no.1 tore himself away from the Grand Prix to come and have a look.  I’m thinking perfect gift for a newbee or even for your own.  Stick the DVD on, let your baby get a dose of some pretty cool visuals while you get on with the never ending chores.

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Robot mugs and egg cups

August 20, 2010

robot egg cupI’ve realised I’m a bit partial to robots.  So naturally I got excited when I spotted these robot mugs and egg cups.  Designed by Clifford Richards, they’re made of genuine English cream ware and presented in a funky giftbox.  The mugs come in small for £11.95 and large for £12.95, while the egg cups are £14.95 for a pair.  They’re available online from Graham and Green and there’s a £4.95 delivery charge.

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I talk of mini labo.  The little french laboratory with a giant imagination.  The bad news is they’re not available here but for those of you heading to France this summer, they’ve got loads of shops around the country.

I know, I know, I still haven’t said what they sell. Cushions, soft toys, bedding, bags, pouches and more, all of which look like they’re made with love. I don’t think words can do justice here so i won’t even try and describe them but here’s lots of pictures for you to see.

soft toys mini labo

nursery and kids bedding mini labo

No, not the latest Ferarris,  I’m talking Automoblox – the super cool cars that encourage creativity and imagination in kids (and daddys too).  They make classic cars, sports cars, convertibles, trucks and more.  The pieces are interchangeable so your child can build the car of their dreams.  They’re made of beech wood, will last for years and years and can become quite a show-off collection.  They’re beautifully made and come up tops in the looks department too! It’s no wonder then that they’ve won several awards.

They’re suitable from 3 years on and you’ll find them at