"noo noo baby bibs"

Childish, innocent and stylish.  They’re the words that immediately sprang to mind when I saw these bibs.  I’m hearting the pureness of the designs.  Simple white background with an oh so sweet, child-like drawing.  These baby bibs by NooNoo are handmade with organic cotton and come in a sheep or ladybird design.  They cost £10 for a set of 3 plus £3.50 delivery.  Suitable from birth to about 6 months, this range is called ‘Silly Billy’… love it!

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"no tray highchair"

Highchairs.  There seems to be an abundance of the platicky type on offer and that’s just not for me.  But this weekend I came across the no-tray highchair…  think Pizza Express, and you’ll know the chair I mean.  No-tray means the chair gets right up to the table and voila, you’re baby’s munching away with you.  It’s available in light and dark wood, but it’s the blue one that’s got me all excited!  The no tray highchair’s available from Poppy Baby for £75 with free delivery.  And there’s not a frilly, plasticky bit in sight.

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Meet Mr and Mrs Mao

October 15, 2010

"cutr toddler food bowl"Quirky, crazy, over the top design but so much fun!  Mr & Mrs Mao are little rice bowls from the near-bizarre world of Octopus.  Ebabee no.1’s got a Mrs Mao and adores the hat-lid.  The joyful anticipation on her face, not knowing whats in there, often turns to disgust when stems of steamed broccoli appear.  Randomly, we picked ours up in India of all places.  Mr & Mrs Mao kiddy bowls cost £8.50 plus £4.95 delivery.  The sites  slow to load but crammed full of stuff for anyone who fancies a bit of quirk!

P.S. Checkout Mrs Mao’s electric blue eyeshadow!

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My mustachioed viking

September 23, 2010

Vikings.  Not something I think about but today I’m going a bit viking ga-ga.  I’ve spotted these stylish melamine dinner plates that are the creation of Sandra Monat, a German lady big on contemporary style with a historical twist.  I’m loving the illustrations of the vikings, they’re so cool, so contemporary, so cheerful.  I’m especially keen on the black mustachioed one sheltering himself from the rain… how amazing is he?

"melamine plate for kids""kids viking plate""children dinner plate"

The square plate is smaller costing £11.50 while the larger round ones (including my mustachioed friend!) cost £13.50 with delivery from £3.50.  Will a dash of viking adventure mean more greens are chomped?  No but I’m still vanting!

Rice is nice

September 20, 2010

I’m seeing red, blue, green, orange, purple… it’s a colour-tastic range of melamine cups by Rice.  The Danish Rice have created a range of funky, bright and bold cups perfect for the move from sipper to cup.  Choose a print or solid colour but with such a great, almost dizzying choice, there’s definitely one for everyone.

"rice melamine cup""kids melamine cup""rice melamine cup for kids""kids cups by rice""toddler cup rice"

"rice melamine cups for kids""kids cup melamine"

Some of these cups come from the online store Nettlegreen while others come from Berryred.  They’ve each got loads so click around till you find the perfect one.  They cost from £2.20 with delivery from £1.95 and they come in big and small sizes.


September 6, 2010

My hearts beating super fast, my pulse racing.  Ooh the excitement of finding something that is super functional, practical, green and stylish.  Wee.Go bottles.  How cool do they look?  Made of glass, which is unusual for a baby bottle but has clear advantages – no nasty chemicals can leak in to the milk, it doesn’t scratch like plastic bottles and it’s recyclable.  The silicone outers come in the most delicious colours and prevent the bottle from breaking.  Even the glass used is purer, higher quality and stronger than normal glass and can handle freezing and boiling.  There’s loads of info on Life Factory’s site so you can have a look for yourself.

"baby milk bottle glass"The bottles come in 2 sizes, have 4 different teat flows, the teats are medical grade and the caps can even be used as a cup.  The bottles, teats and all accessories are free of nasties like BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, last for years and are dishwasher safe.  The silicone outers make for easy gripping with little hands.  The large bottles cost £11.50, the small cost £8 plus around £3 for delivery from Hamillbaby.  You don’t have to use Wee.Go teats – most standard teats will fit on their bottles.

"glass baby milk bottle"

These bottles have the looks, the eco creds but most importantly are free of nasties and conform to various US and European standards making them safe.  Do the reading before you buy and let me know your thoughts.

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Robot mugs and egg cups

August 20, 2010

robot egg cupI’ve realised I’m a bit partial to robots.  So naturally I got excited when I spotted these robot mugs and egg cups.  Designed by Clifford Richards, they’re made of genuine English cream ware and presented in a funky giftbox.  The mugs come in small for £11.95 and large for £12.95, while the egg cups are £14.95 for a pair.  They’re available online from Graham and Green and there’s a £4.95 delivery charge.

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