September 6, 2010

My hearts beating super fast, my pulse racing.  Ooh the excitement of finding something that is super functional, practical, green and stylish.  Wee.Go bottles.  How cool do they look?  Made of glass, which is unusual for a baby bottle but has clear advantages – no nasty chemicals can leak in to the milk, it doesn’t scratch like plastic bottles and it’s recyclable.  The silicone outers come in the most delicious colours and prevent the bottle from breaking.  Even the glass used is purer, higher quality and stronger than normal glass and can handle freezing and boiling.  There’s loads of info on Life Factory’s site so you can have a look for yourself.

"baby milk bottle glass"The bottles come in 2 sizes, have 4 different teat flows, the teats are medical grade and the caps can even be used as a cup.  The bottles, teats and all accessories are free of nasties like BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, last for years and are dishwasher safe.  The silicone outers make for easy gripping with little hands.  The large bottles cost £11.50, the small cost £8 plus around £3 for delivery from Hamillbaby.  You don’t have to use Wee.Go teats – most standard teats will fit on their bottles.

"glass baby milk bottle"

These bottles have the looks, the eco creds but most importantly are free of nasties and conform to various US and European standards making them safe.  Do the reading before you buy and let me know your thoughts.

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Funky and fun cutlery

August 10, 2010

I’ve been on the look out for some cool cutlery for ebabee no. 1 who is now insisting on feeding herself or she starves!

The first place I headed to was Zara Home, knowing that they’re usually great in the toddler cutlery department.  I found these ‘hombre’ cutlery sets.  They’ve got a PVC handle in the shape of a little man who’s wearing a hat and each piece has a shiny, happy face on it.  They’re available in black, green, blue and pink and cost £3.99 per piece. You can buy them online at Zara Home but with their rather large delivery charges your best bet is to get down to a shop if you’ve got one nearby.

If you’re after pure stainless steel, the kids animal cutlery is rather funky. The pieces are shiny and each one has a whacky animal face engraved on it.  They cost £2.99 a piece.

Once home I decided to have a bit of a surf.  I found the WMF Hits cutlery which comes in bold, bright colours and has wavy handles making it easier for small hands to grip.  The handles are made of acrylic plastic and the tops are shiny stainless steel.  They cost £16.99 for the four piece set with a £2.95 delivery charge.

I rather like the translucent handles on the inter-locking Trebimbi cutlery which is similar to the Zara Hombre one. They too have shiny happy faces on the stainless steel bit and the plastic handles form their bodies, making each piece look like a funky little person. They cost £11.99 + £2.95 delivery for the set and come in yellow, orange, pink and blue. You could get a couple of sets and mix and match or these would make a cool gift.

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Thats pretty near what I felt when I spotted this Boon Baby grass drying rack for £13.99 earlier today.  It’s so stylish and perfect for baby bottles, dummies and glasses.  It’s a 2 piece rack with the water collecting tray and the flexible blades of grass for air drying.  And it’s free from all the nasties like BpA, Phthalate and PVC.

I continued to search wondering if I would find something more to be thankful for. And sure enough Boon didn’t disappoint.  I stumbled across Scrubble and Splat.  Scrubble is an interchangeable bath toy set costing £8.99 and Splat is a floating bath ring toss game for £6.99.  Both are suitable from 9 months, free of nasties and are extremely wantable.

If you do give in to the temptation that is Boon, leave a comment and let us know what you think.  And rest assured, I’ll be bringing you more from Boon in the near future.