Diddy little retro storage

October 14, 2010

"childrens storage boxes"Oooh I’m feeling the love for these diddy little suitcases in the funkiest of retro designs.  On offer are retro fish, flowers, elephants and more in glorious oranges, yellows and purples.  These aluminium toddler storage cases have a handle and can be used to store all those oh so important treasures.  Or take them out packed with a favourite toy, snack, or whatever your kiddee can’t leave home without.  They measure around 19 x 15cms, cost £10.99 + £3.50 delivery and are available from Peanut & Pip (a store so hot, you’ll want it all).  A little tip: enter code BACKSOON15 and you’ll get 15% off if you order by 22nd October.

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Birdies, birdies, birdies.

September 16, 2010

"ferm living bird cushion" "cushions for toddlers bird""ferm living cushion bird"

Small birdie, medium birdie and large birdie cushions.  These uber-cute cushions are nothing less than uber-desirable.  Buy one, buy all three, or buy two, whatever you do these cushions will be an enviable possession.  They’d be perfect as decorative eye-candy but I’m rather fancying the small one as a cuddly cot friend.  They’re made of organic cotton, measure 32×32 cms, 45×42 cms and 60x54cms and cost £18.90, £23.90 and £38.90 plus £4.95 for delivery.

The talented Ms Isaksson

September 14, 2010

Ooooh… I’m giddy with excitement.  I’ve discovered a super-duper little shop tucked deep in a corner of the world wide web.  The seriously hot design and reasonable prices that ISAK offers makes me want to hug Sandra Isaksson, the creator.  Sandra’s from Sweden but has settled in the UK (thankfully)  and has given us this gem of a shop.  There’s a range of stuff on offer from stationary to clothes to wallpaper.  I’m obsessing over the shimmering penguin wallpaper, which will make a hot, hot, hot nursery feature wall.  It’s available in shimmery silver, green, turquoise and plum, costs £35 a roll and measures 10m x 52cm wide.

"nursery wallpaper"

"baby nursery wallpaper""baby nursery wallpaper"

Also on offer are some lovely clothes.  They’re mostly summer stuff so the moment may have passed but there’s always next summer.  I’m lusting after the stink bug tee  for a tenner and the geisha dress for £15 (pictured). The kimono wrap tops also high on the desire list at £9.

"girls dress ISAK"There’s loads more wantable stuff including a cool baby journal, funky wooden trays and more. Delivery starts at £2.14, an odd number maybe but very reasonable.  There’s plenty of eye candy for mama’s too.  I’ve got my eye on the little espresso cups, but for now I’m off to order the geisha dress for ebabee no.1.

Bo Boo

September 11, 2010

Nice!  Very nice!  The bright cars, trucks and buses will wow up most toddler rooms and make for a snazzy feature wall.  Even better if you’ve got a car crazy toddler.  Made by the Finnish Marimekko, the Bo Boo wallpaper comes in a wide width of 70cms.  A roll costs £54.95 plus £5.95 delivery.  If you’re familiar with Marimekko products you’ll know they rank pretty high on the want meter and Bo Boo’s no exception.

"Marimekko childrens wallpaper"


August 27, 2010

Oooh… I’m so, so, so loving Nelly.  You already know I have a thing for elephants and now I’m seriously excited as I’ve found THE elephant must have.  In bright sunshine yellow, the Nelly bookcase will be quite the statement in any toddler room.  She’s large (not as large as a real elephant thankfully) measuring 100cms wide by 75cms tall, costs £90 from Habitat and needs to be assembled at home.  I can’t think of a better way to get book tidy!

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Memories of Ermintrude

August 27, 2010

When I spotted these stickers, my first thought was of Ermintrude.  This cow though is called Colette and she’s part of a set of wall stickers.  The boy version features Michael the Monkey and I love that these stickers don’t cost silly money.  The bright colours and defined shapes will make for fun eye candy in any baby or toddlers room, without damaging the paint work.  They come on an A3 sheet, cost a tenner plus £2.50 for delivery.

baby toddler wall stickers

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baby toddler penguin bookendhabitat penguin bookend…is here!  So is their grown ups one, but we’ll leave you to discover that bit on your own.  As for their kids stuff I’m loving the penguin bookends available in 2 bold colours – kingfisher blue and cerise pink (I even like the names of the colours!). They’re made of steel and cost £9 for the pair.

I’ve also got my eye on the London bus.  This is one from their previous collection wooden toy london bus but that doesn’t make it any less wantable. The bright red bus is made of wood and has some whacky mini people riding on it. It costs £30 and is available to order online.

Theres loads more new stuff including a wendy house and a fun looking fishing game.  So if it takes your fancy, check it out here.

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