Potty house

October 1, 2010

"potty training aid"

With potty training on the horizon, I’m wanting anything that’ll ease the pain.  Ideally I’m after a magic wand but since Harry Potter’s ignored my calls, i guess I’m on my own.  So off I went googling instead and found Ma Cacabane on minor details’ blog and just had to share.  Ma Cacabane is an eco-friendly potty play house so cool.   Made of recyclable cardboard this is the perfect place for potty trainees to get some privacy.  Once inside, there’s plenty to look at with all the little drawings and there’s even windows to look out of.  And when they’re ready, they can open the door.  It comes in delicious colours like sweet blueberry, my favourite,  and spinash green, and once your potty trainee has graduated it’ll make for a  mini-playhouse or a perfect place to hide.  It costs €39 plus €25 for delivery – not cheap with delivery but then again whats the price for potty training help?


Potty time

August 26, 2010

I’m thinking of potty training soon.  So, I’ve landed the so not glamorous task of finding a potty.  Searching yesterday I was losing the will to continue when I came across two that actually got me excited (maybe ‘excited’s pushing it but indulge me). First, it’s the Hoppop Donut potty.   It comes in a white base with a fuschia, aqua or lime inner.  There’s also a grey/lime combo which is pretty cool.  As you’ve guessed, it’s shaped like a donut, the pot in the middle is easily removable and it’s wipe clean.

kids potty, toddler potty

The hoppop donut potty costs £19.99 with free delivery.

My next find was the Boon Potty Bench.  This one comes with storage spaces on the side to keep loo roll, wipes or whatever you’d like.  The centre drawer pulls out making it easy to clean.  With the lid closed, it can even be used as a low stool taking up to 300lbs of weight.  And finally there’s a soft deflector shield to guard against injury.   They’ve really thought of everything!  Available in green and blue, the boon potty bench costs around £34.99 plus £4-£5 for delivery.

"boon kids potty"If you’ve got to get a potty, may as well get the funkiest, coolest looking one you can!

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