The Donkey is coming

September 29, 2010

"Bugaboo Donkey"

Considered delaying a second child because Bugaboo don’t do a dual pram?  Sobbing at the thought of buying another?  Cry no more, the wait is nearly over… hip, hip, hooray! The Donkey, the double pushchair from Bugaboo, is arriving in spring 2011  and promises a lot.  The best promise of all – in just 3 simple clicks this pushchair can convert from double to single again, clever!   It also promises loads of storage space (therefore Donkey as they carry lots) and for those who like measurements, it will be 60cms wide as a single and 74cms as a double pushchair, pretty slim for a double.  Die-hard bugaboo fans, bring out the champers!

If you want more, checkout the video of the Bugaboo Donkey.