Bzzzz… lets play beehives

October 28, 2010

"Plan Toys Beehives"

I’m a-buzz with playful, cheery happiness.  Who wouldn’t be looking at this bright and beautiful wooden bee toy.  It’s a collection of boldly coloured bee-hives with matching bees from Plan Toys’ new 2010 range.  Grab the included tweezers and match the bees to their hives.  Kiddees will learn colour and co-ordination  in a super-duper, happy-tastic way.  Just by gazing at this toy, I can feel a joyous ray of rainbow-light hovering around.  The Beehives from Plan Toys costs £16.95 plus £4.95 for delivery.

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"Rokka Play"


While flitting about the Earls Court Baby Show,  I spotted the ingenious Rokka Play.  I got so unbelievably excited that I seriously nearly popped it!  Luckily I lived to tell the tale.  The Rokka Play is a boat, a rocker, a kitchen, a desk, a theatre, a table all in one.  I kid you not.

The Rokka is a wooden toy like no other.  It starts off as a see-saw sty-lee rocking boat for 2, flip it over and you’ve got a table and chairs for 2.  Turn it on it’s side, add the kitchen accessories and you’ve got a play kitchen complete with hob, washing machine, cooker, sink and more.  Then of course there’s the theatre pack. Add the bits and stage your own Westend spectacular.  All this without any tools, so even DIY no-hopers like me have no excuse!

The Rokka is a toy with humongous possibilities (I mean we’re talking blue whale proportions here).  Unleash a toddler or two, bring out the Rokka and watch them imagine things you never dreamed possible.  The starter pack gives your bambinos the boat, table and chairs and includes a mast, oars, a sail and cushions.  The main bit measures 104 x 38 x 43 cms, costs £234 and is suitable from 1 year on.  You can get the kitchen pack for an additional £70 and the theatre pack for £36.  OK, I agree, the Rokka Play isn’t the cheapest toy around but it gives you heaps of imaginative play options in one and think storage space too.  One toy = rocker, kitchen, boat, desk and more.  Add up the cost of buying all these (not to mention the bigger house you’ll need) and you’re guaranteed to be quids in!

I’m told they’ll be bringing out more packs in the future so you can keep adding and chopping and changing the toy.  The one I’m eagerly awaiting is the aeroplane pack.  But if you can see the possibilities that this toy offers, you can just as easily  don your own creative hat and ermm… create!

The Rokka Play is seriously clever.  The only limit is your imagination (an old cliche maybe but oh so true here).  Awsomeness has has hit the toy world!

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A dolls house to go!

October 21, 2010

"portable wooden dolls house"

I’ve been on the hunt for a small dollhouse for ebabee no. 1.  Turns out she’s too young.  While hunting I did find some lovelies for slightly older kidlets.  My pick for todays post is the most unusual of the lot.  A portable wooden dolls house in scrumptiously eye-catching colours.  It’s by Grimm, Spiel & Holz, a German lot who get colour like babies get milk.  It’s seriously portable, made of nasty-free painted wood, has 14 pieces and a felt cover with string to carry.  It’s small but perfectly formed.

It’s available from Shak-Shuka, an online store with soul… a happy, sunny soul brimming with playful fanciables for baby, toddler and mama!  The portable wooden dollhouse comes in an orange /pink combo or blue/green, costs €48.95 plus €6.95 shipping and is suitable for 3 year olds and over.  Imaginative play on the go!

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Make your own robot story

October 12, 2010

"robot sticker book"

When I spotted these Hello Hanna Hello Books, I thought what a fantabulous idea.  Being a robot fan too, I just had to share these make your own sticker story books.  In each pack, you get an accordian style foldable book and 5 sheets of buildable stickers.  Then add a 4 year old with with a huge imagination and and see what they create.  The robot mission hello book costs £6 plus £3.50 delivery.  A  fab little mission for rainy days or the perfect little stocking filler, you decide.

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A very modern playhouse

October 8, 2010

"MoMA Modern Playhouse"

MoMA, the museum of Modern Art has designed a kids play house so hip, you’re gonna want one.  The house is open plan and comes with 6 moveable walls, 8 bits of furniture and 12 vinyl clings to jazz-up the walls and floors.  Gather the bits and create the house of your dreams (or your toddlers even).   This uber-mod dwelling is just the ticket to encourage imaginative play for 3 year olds and over.  The MoMA Modern Play House costs £8.45 with free delivery.  Oh, and if you find the house is feeling a bit empty, get the Moma Modern Play Family and stick them in there.  There’s 5 of them plus a cat and a canine and their wardrobe contains a whopping 150 different options.  The ‘Moderns’ cost £5.24 and will be delivered free too.  Don’t miss dadee Moderns’ hairdo!

"MoMA Modern Family"

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Colour-tastic baby beads

October 5, 2010

"Manhattan toy baby beads"

Is it newborn week? Seems to be at the house of ebabee as I have another treat for the new arrivals.  These colour-tastic beads are an eye-catchingly super alternative to traditional rattles.  Made of eco-friendly rubberwood they’re coated in colours free of nasty toxins so babies can chew away! With their elastic cord, these beads can be pulled and pushed, twisted and twirled, stretched and un-stretched… you get the idea.  Call them a rattle or a teething toy but I’m thinking mama toy too… I fancy a play!  These baby beads by Manhattan Toy cost £8.48 with free delivery and are for bambinos who’ve been around for 3 months or more.

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Crafty cardboard

September 28, 2010

"calafant cardboard toys" "calafant cardboard toys"

Calling all creative types.  If crafts your toddlers thing then look, look, look at these cardboard toys.  They’re build your own with a simple slot and fold so no need for glue, scissors or any other implements.  Once you’ve done the build, colour and decorate away.  They even come with washable felt pens.  Calafant, the makers, promise sturdy recyclable cardboard that can withstand the odd toddler tantrum! They’re suitable for 3 year olds and over, come in many different shapes and sizes  from cars to castles and are perfect for rainy days in. These cardboard toys from Calafant cost from £2.99 and delivery’s from £2.55.

"cardboard toys" "cardboard toys"