"Rokka Play"


While flitting about the Earls Court Baby Show,  I spotted the ingenious Rokka Play.  I got so unbelievably excited that I seriously nearly popped it!  Luckily I lived to tell the tale.  The Rokka Play is a boat, a rocker, a kitchen, a desk, a theatre, a table all in one.  I kid you not.

The Rokka is a wooden toy like no other.  It starts off as a see-saw sty-lee rocking boat for 2, flip it over and you’ve got a table and chairs for 2.  Turn it on it’s side, add the kitchen accessories and you’ve got a play kitchen complete with hob, washing machine, cooker, sink and more.  Then of course there’s the theatre pack. Add the bits and stage your own Westend spectacular.  All this without any tools, so even DIY no-hopers like me have no excuse!

The Rokka is a toy with humongous possibilities (I mean we’re talking blue whale proportions here).  Unleash a toddler or two, bring out the Rokka and watch them imagine things you never dreamed possible.  The starter pack gives your bambinos the boat, table and chairs and includes a mast, oars, a sail and cushions.  The main bit measures 104 x 38 x 43 cms, costs £234 and is suitable from 1 year on.  You can get the kitchen pack for an additional £70 and the theatre pack for £36.  OK, I agree, the Rokka Play isn’t the cheapest toy around but it gives you heaps of imaginative play options in one and think storage space too.  One toy = rocker, kitchen, boat, desk and more.  Add up the cost of buying all these (not to mention the bigger house you’ll need) and you’re guaranteed to be quids in!

I’m told they’ll be bringing out more packs in the future so you can keep adding and chopping and changing the toy.  The one I’m eagerly awaiting is the aeroplane pack.  But if you can see the possibilities that this toy offers, you can just as easily  don your own creative hat and ermm… create!

The Rokka Play is seriously clever.  The only limit is your imagination (an old cliche maybe but oh so true here).  Awsomeness has has hit the toy world!

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The classic push along toy, great for encouraging walking and balance.  When I bought one for ebabee no.1 I had a root around to see what was around and I wasn’t disappointed.

toddler toy push along monkey toddler toy cow push along toddler toy push along dog

There’s a whole range of these super colourful push alongs including an elephant, lion, pig and more.  The bright beads on the wheels make a fun ‘clacking’ noise when pushed.  They cost £8.50 plus £2.95 for delivery from Clementine toys.  Ebabee no.1 is the proud owner of the monkey and even though we’ve had it a while, it still comes out to play everyday.

While on the search I also came across a range of flappy feet bird push alongs.

toddler toy duck push along flappy feet pelican push along toddler toytoddler toy penguin push along

From JLR Toys, the duck and the pelican cost £11.95 with £4.99 delivery.  The lipstick red beak on the duck and the flame orange on the pelican does it for me.  The blue penguin costs £14.99 plus £4.95 delivery from Stork Gifts.  All 3 have large flappy feet which which add to the pushing along fun!

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I’d been eyeing her for months but ebabee no. 1 was a bit young for the beauty that is this French cow.  As soon as ebabee no. 1 came of age, I went online found the bright wooden shape sorter at tickety-boo.co.uk, paid my £21 and then waited with great expectation.  4 days later,  I opened up the box and there she was in all her multi-coloured glory.  She was small but perfect.  Cachatou maggy has 6 holes with 6 different shapes to slot in to them but ebabee no.1 is more interested in loading all her lego in to cachatou maggy.  Still, she does love her as do I and so this wonderful cow sits proudly on a special shelf made just for her by dadee no.1.

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