The classic push along toy, great for encouraging walking and balance.  When I bought one for ebabee no.1 I had a root around to see what was around and I wasn’t disappointed.

toddler toy push along monkey toddler toy cow push along toddler toy push along dog

There’s a whole range of these super colourful push alongs including an elephant, lion, pig and more.  The bright beads on the wheels make a fun ‘clacking’ noise when pushed.  They cost £8.50 plus £2.95 for delivery from Clementine toys.  Ebabee no.1 is the proud owner of the monkey and even though we’ve had it a while, it still comes out to play everyday.

While on the search I also came across a range of flappy feet bird push alongs.

toddler toy duck push along flappy feet pelican push along toddler toytoddler toy penguin push along

From JLR Toys, the duck and the pelican cost £11.95 with £4.99 delivery.  The lipstick red beak on the duck and the flame orange on the pelican does it for me.  The blue penguin costs £14.99 plus £4.95 delivery from Stork Gifts.  All 3 have large flappy feet which which add to the pushing along fun!

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July 18, 2010

All you toddler owners will be familiar with the mini-micro t-bar scooter. It’s been around for about 5 years and is still the scooter to see and be seen with.  With its 3 wheels it’s got great balance for scooting around.  Until recently it was only available in blue or pink. If you’re not a blue for boy/pink for girl type of mama (like me), you can rejoice.  It’s now available in 3 limited edition colours – yellow, green and red.  John Lewis online sells the yellow and green or you can go to who sell all 3 limited edition colours.