Crafty cardboard

September 28, 2010

"calafant cardboard toys" "calafant cardboard toys"

Calling all creative types.  If crafts your toddlers thing then look, look, look at these cardboard toys.  They’re build your own with a simple slot and fold so no need for glue, scissors or any other implements.  Once you’ve done the build, colour and decorate away.  They even come with washable felt pens.  Calafant, the makers, promise sturdy recyclable cardboard that can withstand the odd toddler tantrum! They’re suitable for 3 year olds and over, come in many different shapes and sizes  from cars to castles and are perfect for rainy days in. These cardboard toys from Calafant cost from £2.99 and delivery’s from £2.55.

"cardboard toys" "cardboard toys"


Mr Kaliski rocks!

September 10, 2010

Billy rocker is a cardboard rocking horse that’s a bit unusual.  It’s brought to you by Mr Kaliski who’s left you with a blank canvas to put your mark on.  Paint it, wallpaper it, sticker it, the choice is yours.  But don’t stop there, give it a head, a tail, some horns even.  And it’s reversible so one side each to keep the peace, if you’re got 2 toddlers.   It can be flat packed, is suitable from 3 years on and takes weight up to 50kgs.  This cardboard rocking horse costs £21.60 (currently reduced from £24) from Yellow Lolly with delivery at £2.75.

"reclycled cardborad rocking horse"Here’s two that have been touched by the creative stick (loving the retro-wallpapery one):

"cardborad rocking toy""rocking horse for toddlers"

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My cardboard house

August 30, 2010

I’m loving the stuff from KIDSONROOF, the Dutch lot that create imagination inspiring, eco-friendly toys.  When I spotted these mobile homes/dolls houses, cool, cool, cool are the words that jumped to mind.  They’ve got 8 rooms, stair openings, attic storage and spy holes too.  A fab place to ‘entertain’ pirates, dolls, action men and anything else that takes your toddlers fancy.  And a blank canvas to draw on, sticker on, paint on,  you get the idea.  They’re made from 100% recyclable cardboard and are 100% biodegradable.  They cost £14.95 + £4.95 delivery from just-gorgeous, are easy to carry around and come in a blue/red or white/red combo.  KIDSONROOF say their toys are designed to bring out creativity in kids and I can see just what they mean.

cardboard house

cardboard toys mobile house "cardboard house for toddler" "cardboard house toddler toys"

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