Bye bye Brio Sleep Cotbed

October 26, 2010

"Brio Sleep Cotbed"

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I wanted to get a quick post in about these scrumptious cots from Brio.  The Brio Sleep Cotbed, like much of what Brio offer, is hot property!  But sadly they’re not going to be around for much longer.  So think of this as a farewell note to a nursery great!  If you’re super quick, you can probably just nab one.

The Brio Sleep Cotbed is lovely and roomy.  It measures 140cms x 70cms and starts life as a cot with 3 adjustable positions and eventually when your kiddee’s ready, remove all the sides and you’ve got a junior bed.  But there are other combos you can create in between.  We’ve got one and I love it for it’s smooth, sleek lines, the curved ends, the glossy finish and the hot colours.  Choose from happy, sunny yellow or raspberry red (they both look good enough to eat!).  The Brio Sleep Cotbed‘ll last a good 5-6 years and costs £249 with free delivery from the lovely Lula Sapphire.  It’s about the only place with any left.  Bye, bye Brio Sleep – we’ll miss you!

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I’ve just spotted these and had to share.  They’re the new Somnat cots from ikea available in blue, a limey green and pink.  I do love coloured cots and these are no exception. They’re sure to liven up any baby nursery, and the best part, wait for it… they’re just £49.  They have 2 sleep positions, the mattress isn’t included and so far it’s only available in store, not online.  Talk about style on a budget… it doesn’t get much better than this!

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