Made by Joel

August 9, 2010

I often talk about daddee no.1 but today I speak of another daddee.  Joel is the name and super creativity is his game!

He’s an artist and daddee of twins.  The man is seriously creative and makes the most amazing craft projects with his little ones which he then shares on his blog. Checkout his vintage wood figures.  You can do exactly the same with coloured wooden blocks which I’m sure are aplenty in most toddler households.  I love the blackfish cafe colouring sheets which are printable so you can colour away at home. There are loads of cool craft projects on his blog which are do-able by us mere mortals.  Have a dig around and send us some pictures of your projects.  And the best news of all – he’s bringing out a toy/craft making book.  Rest assured, we’ll tell you when it’s here.

When he’s being an artist he creates some extremely cool and colourful paintings. Here’s a few for you to admire:

Last but not least – Thanks Joel for sharing!

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