The happy, sunny Daisy Cooker

September 18, 2010

"djeco daisy cooker"

Ooh la la is what I say to this super-sunny play kitchen from Djeco.  The French Djeco make the most delicious wooden toys like this daisy cooker.  It’s bright, it’s happy, it’s fab for imaginative play.  The sink, hob, oven combo are just the ticket for budding chefs and the included frying pan, cook pot, spatulas, salt & pepper and dish cloth can only add to the cooking fun.  The happy yellow and green daisy cooker costs £69.95 with delivery at £4.75 from tickety boo and measures 41 x 50 x 29 cms.


Food, glorious food!

September 1, 2010

Play food that is.  The talented folks at Ikea have got some super-duper cloth play food in their new collection.  And as always with Ikea, you get style and design without the price tag.  Have a look at the Ikea Duktig range which has a 14 piece vegetable set, a 9 piece fruit basket set and a 15 piece breakfast set all for £5.99 each.  They’re bright and beautiful, include details like cutting boards and fruit baskets and can even be machine washed.  They’re only available in-store at the moment so you’ll need to hot-foot it down there.

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Little mouse with a house

August 19, 2010

Mice aren’t normally my thing.  I steer well clear of anything remotely rodent related including cartoon rodents.  But today I came across a mouse that I loved.  It’s made by Maileg, yet another super imaginative Danish company, and it’s a mouse house.  A mouse house with a roof designed to look like cheese, a matchbox bed complete with stuffed mattress, pillow and knitted blanket.  For daytime fun the mouse (you can choose boy or girl mouse) has a cotton reel table with tablecloth, chair, teapot and tea cup.  And the doorway even has a little bell and crocheted doormat.  It’s these tiny details that really appealed as they’re great for encouraging a lot of imaginative play.

Before you look at the picture, there’s a bit of bad news.  This seems to be out of stock in most places.  However I did find one site selling it but their remaining stock are seconds.  I wouldn’t normally post on seconds but this was too good not to share.  Have a look at their description and see what you think – it cost £39 + £3.95 delivery (cheaper than the normal price as they’re seconds). It’s suitable from 3 years on.

3 years old toy mouse

Alternatively there are some other lovely mice in matchboxes also by maileg.  The mice come with a matchbox containing mattress, pillow and blanket. You get a choice of boy or girl mouse and small or large.   The small set costs £13.95 and the large £19.95 + £3.95 delivery. While still delightful, the greatest appeal for me is the serious imagination encouraging detail in the mouse house.

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