"Stella McCartney Kids"

Yes it’s true, I’m so joy-filled, I don’t know what to do!  My excitement has reached Himalayan heights!  All because Stella McCartney Kids has launched today.  The collections’ not huge in terms of number of pieces but boy, is it huge in terms of style.

All the pieces have been christened with (kiddy) names like Bella, Lee, Petra and Cosmo.  For the girlies I’m going ga-ga for the Georgia Cardigan.  It’s the silk satin and cashmere combo that’s got my attention.  The Bella dress in flame is another hottie.  I can just picture it worn with super-bright tights and boots.  For the boys, the Felix jumper’s pretty darn cool as are the Pedro jeans, especially in the turquoise.  And lets not forget the babies.  They’ve got their share of lovelies with the ash jumpsuit and the redwood Seb all in one.  Although I have to admit, the under 2’s range is pretty limited and there aren’t any accessories for any age.  Stella, we want more!

The last piece that’s a must mention for boy or girl is the Lee Military jacket.  Uber-cool with the red sleeve detail.  When Stella previously collaborated with Gap, her military jacket was snapped up by none other than Mrs Sarkozy.  Yes, THE Carla Bruni wore it.  How she fitted in to a kids size, well that’s a whole other post.  Hmm… wonder who’ll squeeze in to this one?  Prices start from £14 and go up to just over £100 and sizes go from 0 to 12 years.  Delivery’s £7 and I’m thrilled to report to my Stateside readers that Stella McCartney Kids ships to you too.


The lovely Stella

September 21, 2010

"Stella McCartney Kids Collection"

Hot, hot, hot news… Stella McCartney is launching her own range of kiddies clothing.  Last year she collaborated with Gap and it seems the collections were super successful.  So now she’s going it alone.  Uber stylish is what Stella stands for and I for one can’t wait.  It’s coming on 3rd November and promises to be affordable.  For now, you can watch a video and register for a preview, while you wait for the Stella McCartney Kids Collection.  Oooh… the anticipation!